Mother-Daughter Quest

A rite of passage for girls entering middle school and their mothers

August 11 -13, camping in the foothills of Lyons

(plus pre and post meetings for prep and integration, 8/7 & 8/28 6-8pm)


Join me in sending our girls into middle school as initiated girls who know their unique value to their community. This nature-based weekend will provide girl-to-girl support in navigating a challenging & exciting time, by staying true to themselves & their highest values. At the same time, it will provide support for mothers in finding their solid foundation to parent from love and respect. Our time together will serve as an intro to creating personalized ceremony as a tool for listening to one’s own guidance.

$495 per mother/daughter pair, $100 deposit due by July 24th, remainder due by the start of the program.

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In the support of other girls, you will know:

  • I am not alone in the way that I feel
  • I can be my real self
  • I can say yes to friends who see the best in me
  • I can say no to people & experiences that do not treat me well


In the support of other women, you will:

  • access your inner guidance
  • begin to trust your intuition
  • deepen your relationship with yourself, your daughter, and the natural world
  • learn to parent from a secure relationship base
  • learn why parenting tricks from “experts” don’t work

About your guide, Suzanne Forrester, MA & psychotherapist:


Suzanne holds a Master’s degree in English & Women’s Studies from Ohio University, and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology & Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University. She has 20 years of experience serving adolescents, young adults and families as a therapist, teacher, professor, therapeutic program director, wilderness therapist and guide. Her gift is helping people identify what’s in the way of creating the lives they desire and helping them remove those obstacles.


Join me for this nature-based weekend from the Sacred Parenting Project, where we see parenting as a spiritual path. For more info & to register, contact me at or (303) 859-7410.

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