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Living the Full Congruence Way: A Year Long Rite of Passage

We are pleased to offer a year-long rite of passage dedicated to The Full-Congruence Way, a life commitment to aligning our inner truth with the outward expression of our lives. READ MORE...

Individualized therapy for wilderness reintegration guides your family to grow alongside your child in treatment, so you can provide the secure foundation your child needs to continue thriving at home. 

Using a Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT), I help you understand the basics of how your early attachment to caregivers affects your relationships today. By exploring the issues that derail you and your partner when you are together, I can help you see how past experiences are impacting your current relationship.


Are you overwhelmed by fear, uncertainty or self-doubt? Perhaps you have been successful in your career and personal life, but don’t feel safe or satisfied in interpersonal or intimate relationships. You may feel emotionally numb or distant, like you are going through the motions without really living your life.

Do you wish you and your partner could focus on the future and go through an amicable divorce knowing you have tried everything to make your relationship work and made the decision with care, compassion and grace?



  • It was so inspiring to see my son lose all fear of horses and learn how to interact with horses in a confident and loving way.
    — Parent
  • Suzanne is gifted in her capacity to support children’s exploration and enjoyment in the natural world, fostering through her attuned guidance their connection with nature, animals, and people.
    — -Therapist, MA, LPC
  • What I really appreciate about Suzanne is the way that she keeps a calm grounded presence in her body in all situations. This energetic stance is a beautiful modeling that affects whomever she is working with. So a child in fear or anxiety can rest on that ground which Suzanne models in the way she inhabits her body.
    — -Parent
  • For me seeing Suzanne work with individuals and groups gives me a sense of trust and deep groundedness. Her trust in the moment invites us all in to join her.
    — -Parent
  • Suzanne's calm demeanor and positive attitude make her so inspiring to be around. She has a way with kids, adults and animals that's authentic and joyful to be a part of.
    — -Parent
  • My son's feeling of acceptance and belonging in the summer camp she created was described by him as being "like no other camp he'd ever been to." As a parent, I also felt welcomed into this feeling of connection and presence that Suzanne brings to everything she does.
    — -Parent
  • Compassionate and understanding of her clients’ needs, Suzanne is inspiring in her work alongside her equine partners.
    — -Colleague and co-facilitator
  • Suzanne is a colleague and mentor of mine, and has inspired compassionate changes in how I communicate and interact with children, adults and animals. Suzanne believes in me, promotes my strengths, and listens with depth. Her trust in me helps me trust myself.
    — -Colleague